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Making Ocha, The Build up and Preparations

How can you really prepare mentally for making Ocha? I am writing this as I share the journey with someone who is close to me. It is always a reminder and a confirmation of the process, and rebirth that I experienced and I always feel excited and grateful by my journey. Being crowned with Orisha is not a right but a privilege and something to take seriously. You are on your journey but what can you do to prepare mentally? With most people I would imagine that there are mixed emotions. There is excitement with what is to come, a…

Jacob's work!

I am interested in following the Path of Orisha, what do I do about it?

This is one of the most frequent questions that I have been asked over the years. I would also like to say that the Lucumi Path is only one variation of what may be labelled as Orisha worship. Because it is my lineage, the Lucumi path is what I will be concentrating on, however please be aware that there are different traditions under the umbrella of Orisha worship and you need to find what is right for you. Also bare in mind that even within traditions there are variations. I would say, first and foremost. Do not hurry. My advice…

Third Birthday Throne, photo by Reynaldo Trombetta

Make Over

Every now and again, I feel the need to change the lay out of my Blog. I quite liked the previous lay out although there were so many posts and images, I decided to look at the Blog from a different perspective. Feel free to feedback, but meanwhile enjoy the posts and articles. I have a lot to say for 2016. Circumstances are forever changing and there seems to be more and more people interested in this path, yet less and less people really finding time to understand that it is a life style choice and a surrender of ego and acceptance…


Lucumi, A community Based Faith System

Last Year an initiative started in the United States called Oloshas United for Peace and Healing. The initiative involved wearing white for a certain number of days and organising and attending various ceremonies and other events for all of us, including the wider community. Last year I organised an open rehearsal with the London Lucumi Choir. We concentrated on singing songs to Obatala and Babalu Aye. I also organised for my Ile, a prayer meeting for healing and a Agbwan in front of Babalu Aye. This year as the 16 days drew to a close, esteemed Oba Willie Ramos asked us…


Featured, December 2015: Alternative Health, alternative Christmas Gifts.

The final person I would like to feature this December is Yolanda Perez Rosselson. Self care is very important in our tradition. One of many things you can do for yourself is to care for your health. One proven method which has healing and relaxing benefits is the discipline of reflexology. Yolanda is a trained reflexologist and is a member of the association of reflexologists.  She has trained to a high level and not only works with the feet in a traditional way, but also works with the hands, in addition to facial reflexology ( known to have natural facelift…


December Artists 2015 Sonia Kounasso

Sonia Kounasso originally from Benin, is now based in London. I met her when she joined the London Lucumi Choir. Here she is singing a beautiful traditional lullaby from Benin Download Sonia’s Track!   She is  also known as Sonia Sonayon and she makes her own Beauty Care products: Candles: and also fashion accessories.   This Christmas she will have her products selling at Sydenham Craft Markets and also Dulwich Northcross market. Or you can also buy her products on line. Buy direct online This is what she says about her products: “We make and sell handcrafted natural toiletries &…


December 2015 Artists: Natalie Cooper

Natalie is an Artist, Graphic designer who has a passion for African Musical Instruments. She has produced several books for all ages including a colouring book based on African Design and she also is a supplier of African Musical Instruments. Here is a video explaining more about her project: Video explaining the ideas behind Natalie’s project   Please have a look at Natalie’s fantastic website which has lots of information and examples  of her books such as this one: Natalie Cooper’s Website If you want to buy in London. She will be at the Open the Gate Christmas Market this…


December 2015 Artists: CÉLINE SIANI DJIAKOUA

There is no forgetting that it is December and that it’s  Christmas and the season of buying presents. It is hard to avoid this especially if you have children.  This year I am trying to either make my own presents or support those I know who make things for a living. This month I would like to concentrate on three amazing UK based artists who have some fabulous gifts for you to buy for friends and family. CÉLINE SIANI DJIAKOUA Céline is a visual artist, jewellery maker, and performer based in Nottingham. The work she does is very varied, but…


Jacob V Joyce, Artist of the Month, November 2015

This weekend, I am in Nottingham launching a new Choir, the Axis Orisha Singers. They will be working with myself and the Axis Percussion Trio. Our debut performance will also feature art by Jacob V Joyce. Jacob is an artist, who uses art within the community. Also an activist, Jacob is not afraid to push boundaries and question many things that people may take for granted. For more information visit Jacob’s Website Jacob’s Tumblr   Here are some of Jacob’s Orisha portraits. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT JACOB’S WORK, PLEASE VISIT THE WEBSITES ABOVE.

Burying your head in the Sand

Orisha: Kind and Loving or Punishing Energies?

The other day I was looking into the reasons why people may come to my website. One question typed in, was regarding “what happens if you disobey the Santos?” I have also; over the years thought deeply into how fear is used as a tool of control within religious movements. Never more so than the idea that if you “ Sin” you go to Hell or you will be punished. There is also the idea of Karma; ie what comes around, goes around. There are many ideas and philosophies that exist within different traditions pertaining to the idea of Punishment….