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This is my unique outlook and experience with the nuances of living this spiritual path in a “foreign” land. It is also informative and can act as a stepping stone for those seeking accurate information. For more about me go to the ABOUT section: https://oshunschild.com/about/about/

LATEST BLOG: https://oshunschild.com/2022/03/17/neurodivergency-and-the-lucumi-path/

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I am in awe of artists! Look up the Featured Artists Page, and check out my favourite featured artists. Many of them are based in the UK and deserve recognition.

In addition to my own posts in the coming months some of my Godchildren will be also contributing with commentary, poetry and other entries. I have been writing about Lucumi for a while now, and will continue to write on occasion. Looking forward to sharing this space.

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Please support and explore the amazing healers, musicians, artists, activists, academics and entrepreneurs in the Ile Oshun Kayode. https://oshunschild.com/ile-oshun-kayode/

Photo features my Godmother Oshainle Ibae Laye T’Orun, who crowned me and who therefore enabled me to guide others.

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I am sure that if you read the articles I have written over the years, it will answer most questions that you may have but please get in contact should you wish to ask me anything and I will endevour to answer. Here are some links to the most popular Blog entries.

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