REVIEW: On the Orishas’ Roads and Pathways: Oshún Deity of Femininity By Obá Miguel W. Ramos, Ilarí Obá

On the Orishas Roads and Pathways
On the Orishas Roads and Pathways

I was so excited when I heard about this book. Any information and insight into the Orisha that I am crowned with is most welcome. What was also exciting is that Miguel W.Ramos is not only a Scholar and a Writer but also an experienced and respected Obá in our religion. This is one occasion where the ability to write combines with the experience of an initiate and that is a rare and wonderful thing.

The book did not disappoint. From the introduction documenting his own personal experience, to the historical background, to understanding more about the paths of Oshun, including Patakins, ( moral tales of Orisha) and attributes of each path, Miguel W. Ramos’ book is invaluable to anyone who is interested In Oshun’s mysteries. For me also, I welcomed the section of names given to Priests of Oshun ( a tradition that is sadly not being adhered to) and also photos of elders and priests of Oshun that are no longer with us here on earth. For many that are new to Orisha worship and whose consciousness and curiosity have been pricked to understand more, it is important to be aware that the Lucumi way of life is practiced through community and lineage and that we are here because of our elders, many of whom would have faced immense obstacles to hold onto and pass down this wonderful way of life.

On a personal note, I was interested to find out more information regarding my own path of Oshun and also curious to see those that share my Ocha name. I also was really thrilled to find out as a musician ( I was vaguely aware of this before) that Maria Teresa Vera, possibly the most important female Cuban Composers of the Trova Genre, was crowned to Oshun

Here she is singing to Santa Cecilia, (with composer Manuel Corona) Patron Saint of Music, the Catholic representation according to Miguel W. Ramos, of my path of Oshun, Ibu Aña

For information on how to order this wonderful book,

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  1. Interesting. I learned a little of this when I was study Nigerian culture and politics in grad school, but that was a million years ago. Glad to see there are books still being written.

    1. Thanks for reading and posting Bill. I enjoyed finding your Blog today!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review. I appreciate it.

    Kí Olorún n’agbé ó!
    Willie Ramos

    1. Bendicion! Thankyou so much for taking the time to write and sharing the review. I also appreciate it!

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