New String to my bow: Becoming a Celebrant

I have not written for some time. This has been such a busy year. I have settled into a new home, continued to work with the London Lucumi Choir preparing a new recording dedicated to my Mother and Father in Ocha, Oshun and Obatala and continue to guide godchildren and my family members. All of this keeps me pretty busy. Many concerns and topics always come up which tests, challenges and and confirms my faith and my journey in life. There is a lot I would like to write about, and find the time to do it. Meanwhile I would like to share with you something that I have trained in which adds another string to my bow. Many years ago I wondered whether in Lucumi there was an official ceremony of marriage. In fact there was an online discussion which confirmed the fact that any ritual that may have been in place had probably been lost. In Cuba after the revolution a State ceremony was the legal way to get married. Here in the UK, legally a marriage has to be registered. State Ceremonies with a registrar was the common alternative to getting married in a quick and pretty standard ceremony. Many locations have been licensed for a registrar to come and perform the Registration in a nicer setting, however there are creative and time restrictions. These days hiring a celebrant is becoming more common. A celebrant can perform Civil wedding ceremonies which then can be registered in your local registry office. ( or the registration can happen before). You are not creatively restricted by using a Celebrant regarding vows, or location or time. I decided to undergo the training and hopefully provide a service to those that wish a more meaningful and spiritual ceremony. Who better than a daughter of Oshun to Conduct a ceremony where you celebrate your love and declare your vows to friends and family!!
I am also trained to perform Baby Naming and Blessings. Handfastings and Coming of Age Ceremonies. I also perform Divorce healing ceremonies accepting that sometimes circumstances change but life continues and two people often have to take separate paths on their journey. If you are interested in more information, I have a new website dedicated to this role.
OshunsCelebrancy Services

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