Jacob V Joyce, Artist of the Month, November 2015

This weekend, I am in Nottingham launching a new Choir, the Axis Orisha Singers. They will be working with myself and the Axis Percussion Trio. Our debut performance will also feature art by Jacob V Joyce. Jacob is an artist, who uses art within the community. Also an activist, Jacob is not afraid to push boundaries and question many things that people may take for granted. For more information visit Jacob’s Website Jacob’s Tumblr   Here are some of Jacob’s Orisha portraits. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT JACOB’S WORK, PLEASE VISIT THE WEBSITES ABOVE.

Orisha: Kind and Loving or Punishing Energies?

The other day I was looking into the reasons why people may come to my website. One question typed in, was regarding “what happens if you disobey the Santos?” I have also; over the years thought deeply into how fear is used as a tool of control within religious movements. Never more so than the idea that if you “ Sin” you go to Hell or you will be punished. There is also the idea of Karma; ie what comes around, goes around. There are many ideas and philosophies that exist within different traditions pertaining to the idea of Punishment….