December 2015 Artists: CÉLINE SIANI DJIAKOUA

There is no forgetting that it is December and that it’s  Christmas and the season of buying presents. It is hard to avoid this especially if you have children.  This year I am trying to either make my own presents or support those I know who make things for a living. This month I would like to concentrate on three amazing UK based artists who have some fabulous gifts for you to buy for friends and family.



Céline is a visual artist, jewellery maker, and performer based in Nottingham. The work she does is very varied, but I really love her sketches describing human emotion which resonated with me.

HOW IT FEELS: Trying to describe the physicality of emotions. Trying to draw emotions …


She also makes wonderful jewellery. All up cycled using a variety of materials.


She has recently started to sketch dancers as they dance in a  residency at ACE Dance and Music – Birmingham

This year she won not one but TWO prizes from the Castle Open 2015 and will be showing her work next year.

If you are in the Nottingham Area, or you are interested in purchasing Jewellery for Christmas Presents or Works of Art Please get in contact. Here is more information. If you are in Nottingham, Céline’s gallery is within the P Spowage Art Gallery, which is situated in a popular part of the City Centre on Byard Lane opposite Hugo Boss. During the month of December she will be here:



Otherwise follow these links for more information on Céline

Celine’s Blog

Celine’s Boutique


Celine in her Studio, in front of one of her paintings.


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  1. celinesd2014

    Thanks a lot Daniela, it’s actually really nice to be “written about” !

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