December Artists 2015 Sonia Kounasso

Sonia Kounasso originally from Benin, is now based in London. I met her when she joined the London Lucumi Choir. Here she is singing a beautiful traditional lullaby from Benin

Download Sonia’s Track!


She is  also known as Sonia Sonayon and she makes her own Beauty Care products:




and also fashion accessories.



This Christmas she will have her products selling at Sydenham Craft Markets and also Dulwich Northcross market. Or you can also buy her products on line.

Buy direct online

This is what she says about her products:

“We make and sell handcrafted natural toiletries & handmade decorative and aromatherapy candles. Our focus is on the quality of our ingredients and the care we put into the formulation and preparation of our products.

As far as possible, we only use natural ingredients and essential extracts and we avoid synthetic additives, unless the natural alternatives are known for their allergenic effects or are considered unsafe. Our products are made with wholesome vegetal and botanical ingredients that contain everything the skin and body need to feel clean soft and protected, naturally.

Because “natural” does not have to be boring, we try and put our special touch in the way we formulate, prepare and package our products.

Check out our gallery for a sneak preview of our range of natural toiletries and candles. Make sure you make it extra special this year and get one of our Sonayon products, gift gift baskets and smellies for you and your loved ones”


Find out more about Sonia’s amazing products, and as a general rule this Christmas think about where you are buying from and where the money goes to. Ethical shopping not only benefits creative independent individuals, it also is better for our environment and proceeds don’t line the pockets of the already very rich!

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