Featured, December 2015: Alternative Health, alternative Christmas Gifts.

The final person I would like to feature this December is Yolanda Perez Rosselson. Self care is very important in our tradition. One of many things you can do for yourself is to care for your health. One proven method which has healing and relaxing benefits is the discipline of reflexology. Yolanda is a trained reflexologist and is a member of the association of reflexologists. 12347873_1935428776682927_7021294481182752236_n

She has trained to a high level and not only works with the feet in a traditional way, but also works with the hands, in addition to facial reflexology ( known to have natural facelift benefits). This Christmas she is offering some special deals in addition to giving gift vouchers for your loved ones, which I think makes a great present.  For more information about Yolanda Perez Rosselson’s services please check out her website:

Yolanda’s Reflexology Services


The other day, Yolanda was giving taster treatments at a gathering I was hosting. This is what people said.

“Yolanda has a gift for healing. I could feel the energy flowing all through my body even through my fingertips and my mind was flooded with beautiful violet and golden light. Afterwards it felt like floating on air.”  Miriam

I really enjoyed my treatment with Yolanda and I found it deeply relaxing. The experience was peaceful and restorative and I look forward to going again.” Mish

“From the moment I entered her healing room I felt both relaxed and energised. Yolanda’s friendly and approachable manner is an amazing gift along with her healing hands. I am looking forward to a full treatment next time.”  Anne-Marie

“Yolanda’s confident approach immediately made me feel totally relaxed. Although I had a relatively short treatment, the reflexology put me into something like a meditative state and I felt very relaxed for some time afterwards. Highly recommended and I will be back for another session.” Gavin


Do yourselves all a favour! Book yourself a treatment with Yolanda!

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