Make Over


Every now and again, I feel the need to change the lay out of my Blog. I quite liked the previous lay out although there were so many posts and images, I decided to look at the Blog from a different perspective. Feel free to feedback, but meanwhile enjoy the posts and articles. I have a lot to say for 2016. Circumstances are forever changing and there seems to be more and more people interested in this path, yet less and less people really finding time to understand that it is a life style choice and a surrender of ego and acceptance of communication with the divine. I will be looking at topics that many people ask me about. The different paths that one may choose to take; the utmost importance of connecting first and foremost to ancestor; the understanding of the communal aspect of the religion; connections with nature and art; the role this spiritual path may have regarding mental health; the different roles within the Lucumi path that chose me.  I hope you enjoy my posts in 2016 and look forward to any feedback or questions you may have. I am approaching  ten years of being crowned with Oshun, but this year also celebrates 29 years of walking this path, with many observations, obstacles and resolutions, life changing experiences, doors that shut and open, changing dynamics with people that come and go. As they say, the only constant is change!

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