Making Ocha, The Build up and Preparations

How can you really prepare mentally for making Ocha? I am writing this as I share the journey with someone who is close to me. It is always a reminder and a confirmation of the process, and rebirth that I experienced and I always feel excited and grateful by my journey. Being crowned with Orisha is not a right but a privilege and something to take seriously. You are on your journey but what can you do to prepare mentally? With most people I would imagine that there are mixed emotions. There is excitement with what is to come, a mixture of fear and anticipation regarding the ceremony and information given regarding Orisha. All of these things are normal. A healthy amount of fear shows that you have respect for the enormity of the process, however try not to let it overwhelm you. The most important thing is to recognise that you are going to have to let go. Let go of your past, let go of your ego and entrust yourself to all that are there to look after you over the period of time that you are in their care. NB: in the light of the internet and more and more books about the subject, do not try and read and find out about the process. In fact, I would recommend a complete ban from reading. Try and experience your feelings and everything around you. Listen to yourself,  pay attention to your dreams. It is never as important as this time to become conscious of everything around you and to start to disconnect from the mundane and overwhelming amount of information that we now experience every single day. This is a spiritual journey where connection to the senses and other realms starts to become more and more tangible. Enjoy the process.

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