11th December 2016 Hosting Aña for Obatala

I was very blessed to be able to host the very first Aña to Obatala in honour of the International Peace and Healing initiative organised yearly by Oloshas United. It was held on the same day as many events all over the world, and our hope is that it will advance our quest for peace and healing, and that united we can have an impact in this world that is often so angry and damaged. I thank everyone who made an effort to come down, whether Olorishas or Aleyos, and I thank my Family and my Godchildren without whom I would not have been able to do anything. It was especially nice to have visitors from Spain, Finland and Outside of London.

ABOUT THE TAMBOR: Aña OBA AYE was born in Cuba on the 27- 12-2013. This set of Fundamento drums was born from Aña Obi Okan whose Owner is Tony Urdaneta, ( Omo Oshun, Awo Orunmila Otura Ira).
OWNER OF TAMBOR: Olu Bata is Gerardo De Armas ( Eshu Leti) ABOUT THE AKPWON: Akpwon is Yosvani Diaz Herrera; Omi Ade. Yosvani is an Oriate and has years singing as an Akpwon in Cuba, in addition to being Olu Bata and also Rumbero having played for the last 12 years in the group Rumberos De Cuba.

Here are some photos of before and after;


  1. Maria Ramos-Faulkner

    Ashe ❤👏🏾👊🏾
    Thank you for sharing your spiritual journey

  2. I am so interested
    How can I contact you

    1. I will email you privately

  3. Hello my name is Lauren, i live in London, I am interested very much so in learning. My grandmother was romany gypsy she could read tarot cards and also read your palm,I am not sure wether she practice your practices. I am drawn to this region and do not know why, I live near Dalston, I would be so great full to you if you email me to enlighten me, many thanks and blessings, Lauren

  4. And my grandfather was from montsserat, I feel I must know more about your practices anyone would be so kind to as email me thank you

  5. If anyone would be so kind as to enlighten me, I meant. Thankyou

    1. Lauren, I will message you.

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