London’s Lost Rivers

New Video Clip!

London is a City that is never far from a river. There is a lot to explore. Thanks to Elio Peña and Rebecca Radmore, husband and wife film and photography team, I learned about the River Wandle as I made some research for the London Lucumi Choir’s debut Video clip. The track we made the Video for is a cover version of the Ibeyi’s amazing Song “River”.  Whilst I wanted to make an arrangement suitable for the Choir also exploring toques dedicated to Oshun, I wanted a backdrop of a beautiful London based river and I found it literally five minutes away from our film crew’s house in Mitcham, South London

The River Wandle, although technically not lost, is not known to many who live on it’s door steps, and being a North Londoner, I was not aware of the beauty of the River or the history. About the River Wandle . Looking after the River Wandle.

Looking for locations I wandered  through Morden Hall Park which belongs to the National Trust. There I spotted a really beautiful bridge. Unfortunately The National Trust’s fee for filming there was a little steep for our community project and so we ended filming in less populated, more neglected but still beautiful Ravensbury Park.  Please have a look at these amazing photos and please have a look at our first Video Clip

Research Trip: Photos Taken on my Mobile Phone

By Rebecca Radmore On Location

Rebecca Radmore and Elio Peña are FireSoul Media

Video Clip Filmed and Directed by FireSoul Media. CD also out soon on Movimientos Label:

River/Rezo Oshun

Our second major location was North Of the River; My favourite Woods. Queen’s Woods. But also one place where the River Moselle  can be spotted. Well It is a stream at this point:

The message is, view Our New Video Clip! and share it if you like it! Explore your environment. Even our big cities may have hidden treasures.


  1. Absolutely lovely!

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