Health above all

Today in the UK we are voting for new government.  I believe passionately in the human right to have access to health facilities no matter what your earning power. Without good health what do we have? We ask Orisha above all for good health for ourselves and our loved ones. Many times in consultations we are directed to go and see a Doctor for our health. We are asked to go and check up various things depending on the Odu. What happens when you cannot afford to go to the Doctors and do this? Healthcare should not be a lottery. In the UK we have been lucky enough to have a free system of healthcare for all.  That is why I am voting for the Labour Party because over the last few years, the present government has been selling off our health care system and it is in danger of becoming dismantled. If you are reading this and value health care for all, free education and investment in our society for a better deal for all. Get out and vote wisely.

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