Be careful of False Prophets.

I have been aware for some time that there has been a massive rise in posts, videos, personalities claiming to be giving the answers regarding Orisha Worship. These include individuals who are NOT initiated and who seem to be focused on their ego and building up followers.  “Spirituality” is a buzzword these days. Everyone is claiming to be “woke” spiritually.  Some of these individuals obviously seem to have a complete lack of awareness of what it is to be leading and informing people and there is a huge deal of irresponsible Bullshit ( for want of a better word) around on the net. You need to be initiated to be able to inform and educate people. If you are not maybe just listen and concentrate on yourselves.

You don’t need initiation to be a espiritista, ( the ability to mediate between this world and the other) but in my experience, the best espiritistas are those who have had guidance to develop.  It is true today as it has always been, it’s just the internet has blown things up and magnified and made people really accessible. Not everyone knows what they are doing or has the Ashe to guide people correctly.  How many Tarot readers are offering themselves on the net. Don’t fall for it. Not everyone has the Ashe to be guiding and interpreting and this goes across the board.  Generally speaking, you cannot be learning one thing one day and then giving readings the next.  Who has given everyone the authority to be offering some kind of spiritual solution! We all need healing but be very careful where you go. Don’t be gullible and don’t be taken in by someone who is  really an amazing marketing genius and knows how to engage on the net! Trust yourself and your instincts. We all have otherworldly connections! Tarot can be a really valuable tool for individuals to connect with their spirit guides, however not everyone should be reading for others rather than themselves.

Not so long ago. There was no information on the net at all. These traditions were seen as sacred, mysterious and in a way, like everything, this had it’s positives and negatives. The  positives were that there were less people involved in the religion, and therefore less “crazies”. The rise of the internet has encouraged the cult of the individual to become more and more prevalent. So many people out to get the 15 minutes of fame, so it’s hard to choose when you are looking for correct information.  The negatives are that when things are not transparent, and are hidden,  the foundations of dishonesty and abuse  are laid and if people are not encouraged to speak out and share information, there is a general ignorance of knowing what to expect. Just because someone IS initiated does not mean that you put them on a pedestal. They are normal people and if they are NOT looking at themselves because they have been initiated and are not aware that the journey continues, you maybe dealing with some extremely unhealthy individuals. Ordained Olorishas are still walking a path like everyone else, but have access and authority to take part in ceremonies.

I think it is really important that Initiates like myself speak out and educate those that are searching what to look for in regards to balance and those to guide.  It’s important to reach a balance. Information on the net can’t replace personal contact and guidance but it can supplement it.  I have found that despite the fact that I am constantly updating and writing about topics that I think are important and that interest me, however there are only  two entries  that receive hundreds of views per day.  The first one is Making Ocha, The Initiation Procedure.  and the second one is I am interested in following this path what do I do about it?   I think both Blog entries are valid. But I would like to reiterate a few points that are fundamental.

  1. You cannot practise these traditions on your own. These traditions belong to lineages. You need to be guided.
  2. Even if you become initiated, you always have to rely on your elders. This does not stop.
  3. Your first mission  is addressing your relationship with your ancestors. You bypass them, and you they are not going to be happy.
  4. You may not NEED to be initiated. That does not mean to say that you cannot worship Olofi, Olorun, Olodumare and all the Orishas. This is a way of living. This is a tradition. But we cannot all be priests and we  don’t have all the same Ashe. ( life force). If you go against what is supposed to be your destiny, you are setting yourself up for failure. It’s important to be connecting with readings and guidance from knowledgeable Diviners and Priests in order to find out what is right for you. What is good for me is not necessarily what is going to be good for you!
  5. ALL THOSE FALSE PROPHETS ON FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM MAY NOT BE WHAT THEY SEEM. BE CAREFUL!!!!! What people present to the public is not the full picture. You can be who you like on the net. It does not represent who you are. Just be careful.
  6. Those that make too many promises are not to be trusted. Life is full of ups and downs and challenges. That is the nature of the path. People are irresponsible if they offer immediate and miraculous solutions.
  7. If you feel that there are too many rules, regulations and you don’t want to be in contact with real people and that freaks you out, maybe you are looking in the wrong direction. In addition, Hoodoo or any other tradition with African roots requires initiation and guidance. Don’t feel it is your right and entitlement to mess with people’s traditions without seeking the correct guidance first. Orisha is not the only tradition that requires guidance and initiation. Most African traditions require community and also involved Hierarchy.

I understand that video seems to be a medium that is getting to be more and more common with regards to gaining a little internet knowledge. Although I would ultimately tell you all to find elders in your particular choice of tradition. Whether it is Isese,  Ifa, Lucumi, Candomble or anything else, this should be your mission.  However, until that happens and your head finds it’s home, there is no harm in listening to some knowledgeable people on the net.  In fact some good people are now making videos in order to counteract the terrible and misguided information there is out there.

Here are my top ten Blogs and Vlogs and films  that you could be following for more guidance and information. You may have to follow the facebook individuals to see their posts, although I am pretty sure that the settings are for public viewing.

  1. TY SHAW: Telling it how it is, interviews with other practitioners. Knowledgeable and Eloquent.

First Live Facebook answering various questions!

The difference between Shrines and Altars.

2.DAVID SOSA:  Many interesting videos, educational and empowering.

For the Uninitiated and Entitled

The practise of espiritismo. Do’s, Don’ts and Myths!

3. ROB SPEAKS: Musings on Ifa.

What it says on the Tin! Rob Speaks!



Fourth of Seven Interviews


Looking at many things from a Lucumi Perspective and it is Bilingual for Spanish Speakers:

You Tube Channel looking at all things Lucumi


One Entry of Alafia’s Blog


7. Perpetuity Healing Blog

An article amongst many enlightening articles: Great Blog!

8. An Interesting Blog Looking at different subjects regarding Yoruba Culture worldwide;

Orisha Image Blog

9. Eleda

Website with many interesting articles

10. Finally. This film does not necessarily address Lucumi, but does explain with the help of elders from different traditions, the African Spiritual Mindset. Worth Watching.

Spirit is Eternal Film

There are many videos on many topics that should keep you busy for a while. Enjoy!

juanita1 2 copy
from our Video Clip River:


  1. lazerena

    Unfortunately the links attached to facebook are inaccessible unless already connected to that group ie David Sosa

    1. Thanks Lazarena. The posts are general on public settings, and you have an option to follow the individuals. Try it to follow the individual and see then if you can access the posts. Thanks for letting me know though.

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