What to expect when going for Divination

What should you expect when going for a Divination. Within The Lucumi tradition. There are several ways of connecting with the Divine, depending on who is the Diviner and what the purpose of the Divination is. You may go for an Ifa Divination where the trained Babalawo will interpret the word of Orunmila.   OR you may go for a divination with the Dilogun, from an experienced Olorisha who has had training and experience in divining with 16 Cowries. On this occasion, the Cowries will be the mouthpiece of Elegua who is the witness to your destiny.  It must be…

Repost! Please Vote!

Hey everyone! The Lukas Awards are awards which honour contributions associated with the Latino Community in the UK. We have been nominated every year since the Foundation of the awards. We have yet to win so please VOTE FOR US!! We are being nominated in the Folk/Classical Music Category and also as Best Album of… via Lukas Nominations! — Everyday thoughts of a Lucumi Choir Director