Why you will not find a description of any ceremony within this Blog.

It has been very interesting for me to read what leads people to this Blog, and over the last week, I have been noticing that people are googling ” description of Ocha ceremony” or “description of Eleke Ceremony” . This is a short paragraph to clarify that although I am happy to answer questions and I am happy to inform  and clarity is really important, it is not necessary to know what happens within initiation ceremonies. Expectations can ruin the experience of individuals, and it is my experience that people that ask too many questions about what happens instead of just trusting the process and going with it, really don’t do themselves any favours. The main point I would like to put across is that if you trust 100% those that are initiating you, you have to learn to feel the experience and take on everything that happens from a sensory perception and not from a cerebral perception. These ceremonies were always meant to be secrets You are not allowed to participate unless you have been through the ceremony yourself. Any description of any part of the ceremony is really not necessary. In terms of ceremony, I think the less you know the better personally and I am so happy that I made Ocha before the onslaught of information on the internet!



  1. The mystery is part of the initiation and spirituality of the ceremonies. I remember asking years ago about what was coming, and told to wait until I “knocked at the door”.

  2. I like you style and method of sharing the information

  3. Vanity Linares

    This was a beautifully written article Just curious to know because I have not worn my beads in over 4 yrs would I need to get another

    1. Thankyou for writing. You only ever receive your Elekes once. They are yours until they break in which case you can ask your godparent to replace them. If you feel you need to refresh your beads. Ask your godparent to refresh them for you. Only initiated Olorishas can do this for you. If you are not in contact with your godparents, you will need to find reputable Olorishas to wash and refresh your Elekes for you. I hope this helps.

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