Why my previously public ceremonies are no longer public.


Yemaya dance by Gloria Ojulari


This is just a little note to let anyone know that I am not here to provide material for your PhD or your book chapter, If by chance you are intending on using any information gathered whilst attending something in the Ile Oshun Kayode. Have the courtesy and respect to ask me if it is OK first. Put it by me. Mention who I am and my Ocha name. I am representing Oshun. Have some damn respect. Do not write me out of the story, because you will be disrespecting Oshun and her Ashe. And so be it. Do you know Oshun? Not even I know Oshun. Cannot believe people’s audacity.

Up until recently my Ile was open to everyone. Tambors and those kind of celebrations are public ceremonies, but they are also  Ebos. They are spiritual acts that are marked by divination for a specific reason.

Please remember that I did not hold any public ceremony for the entertainment or subject matter for people’s articles, PhDs or Book Chapters. The first Anya ever held  in the UK was for  Oshun in 2009.  The last Anya I held in my Ile was in 2016 for Obatala.  It will  be the last time I hold one in my Ile which is public. The last Guiro I held in this country  for Shango was last year in 2018 and was private.  I did not invite anyone expect for my godchildren and close friends. I also state that as much as possible, I do not want those who are not crowned playing for my Orisha. Just so that you know. I don’t care what anyone thinks. This free for all is out of hand. I have my own opinions and I am sticking to them. Not interested in people who have had their hands washed because they want to play. Put your Egos away, think about this tradition. Your love for the drum is not enough. If you feel like you want to sing in a tambor or Guiro in My Ile, do it somewhere else if you are not crowned. You don’t know what you are doing and you have not been trained. I wouldn’t even have the audacity to do this and I have been studying this song tradition for over 25 years and consider myself a cultural performer of Orisha Song. Singing in a religious ceremony absolutely not. Get your Egos fixed people. Certain roles are not for everyone, and I don’t care if you are a woman, man or gender neutral or trans. This is my opinion,  Thankyou.

Offerings for Obatala




  1. I am so sorry that you had to go through this. As you know, historically, scholars have attended ceremonies and written what they wanted about them with more or less knowledge/ignorance, taking advantage of the fact that the practitioners were mainly uneducated and unaware of the ways and products of academia (or perhaps could not speak their language). Things have changed. Now, practitioners are well educated (many have PhDs), multilingual and are fully capable of challenging unfounded assumptions. You have my full support.

    1. Thankyou Sabrina. May our mother Oshun always lift and bless you. I have officially reached my tolerance threshold.

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