Support your community this Christmas. PART ONE: BOOKS AND RECORDS and CALENDARS

If you are going to buy presents this year. Support those you know, those who are in your community. Here are some suggestions for presents this year.


“On the Orishas Roads and Pathways: Yemoja” by Miguel W Ramos.



Available from Eleda or also in the UK from Treadwells bookshop

This book is the third of a series of books investigating the history, and energy of Orisha. The third book investigates the complex nature and history of Yemoja ( Yemaya). her relationship with other Orishas, her growth from Orisha of the Ogun River to Orisha connected with great expanse of water. Author Miguel W Ramos also writes about all the Lucumi Paths of Yemaya, known and unknown as worshipped in the Lucumi tradition; their tools and bead patterns. This book does not disappoint and as a series is a must for all Olorishas and those seriously looking for in-depth study of Orisha ( rather than the internet one liners). Baba Ramos’ books are valuable. In addition to being a Priest of our religion, he is an educator and an academic and looks at the religion from all perspectives.


“Don’t Touch My Hair” By Emma Dabiri. 

This is a ground breaking and important book by London based writer, presenter and researcher Emma Dabiri, who is from a mixed Yoruba and Irish background. The book is personal and political and has valuable historical information which talks about so much more than hair.  The book is available from all good bookshops in the UK and if you are buying online, it is available from Amazon. There is also a talking book if you need to be read to!


Interview with Emma Dabiri




CD COver

Of course I have to let you know about the London Lucumi Choir’s New CD. Recorded Mainly Live, this is a Collection of songs that are dedicated to the energies of Shango, Olokun and Yemaya, whilst also celebrating the tradition of syncretism by singing to La Virgen de Regla and Santa Barbara. In addition to traditional songs, we pay homage to popular music by a an Afro-Trap track which features Lucumi and Isese Chants to Shango. You can stream on line, but it would be great to support us and download or buy a CD. The artwork is phenomenal and the Cover features art by the great Andre Hora. The inside contains an Acrylic Work of art by Dia Nunez. Photos by Choir member Mish Aminoff

Since we are coming up to December 4th Here is are Offering to Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara

Rezo Olokun Video

Buy the Album, Digital and Hard Disk


Alternative Calendar! 

You could do better than buy Jacob V Joyce’s Calendar for 2020.


Jacob’s Etsy Page!

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