Lineage, Initiation, entitlement and appropriation: Part 2

As we come to the end of the decade, I am reflecting on some of the personalities that have crossed my path. One of the most disturbing trend I have found is the general  idea that Orisha are universal energies open for all too manipulate. This has led to many people building altars, selling produce,  creating rituals and also filming it for all to see. So there are a lot of  misguided individuals who think they have the entitlement to work with Orisha or the equivalent in other ATR religions, when they have no idea what they are doing. Then there are people who are desperate for information and looking for answers who will be googling or YouTubing information, find these misguided people and their instructional videos and it goes on and on. People wasting their time, making a mess and disrespecting those that have come before.   There are endless problems with this. The biggest problem that I have experienced personally, as a result of this type of activity is that the person that is “working” with what they think are Orisha are evoking energies they don’t understand, and this leads to chaos and sometimes very messy, very scary consequences which then they need to sort out.  Over the last few years, I have had individuals come to me as a result drastic changes in circumstances and energy which has been devastating for them. They have pinpointed these negative changes in their lives to when they started working with what they thought was Orisha.

It has to be understood that the communication with Orisha is not a free for all. It is via Priests of Orisha. Olorisha, who have gone through a process whereby a channel is opened up for direct communication. This is how it is and how it has always has been. Initiation is the key, Community is the key. Sole workers do not exist in our traditions. Please do not fall into the trap of connecting with people that cannot prove initiation and who work alone.

In addition, if you are based in the UK, which is a small place, don’t waste your money on produce that claim to have special powers ( via Orisha). Check the credentials of the seller. Are they initiated. If not, you may as well be buying Olive Oil., or make your own for the same effect. Buyer Beware! The below link is from someone who is not initiated, who I have met on several occasions and who is appropriating Orisha for her own commercial enterprise. This is dishonest and dangerous.

Buyer Beware. Charlatan and Approriator


I am sharing this video from Babalorisha David Sosa, another Oshun Child, because it is eloquent and full of good information.

The Low Down, reading and googling and YouTubing is not the way to go!

Please be sensible in 2020. If you are really interested in following a path, whether Lucumi, Isese, Vodun, Palo, Candomble and so, seek correct guidance. Reach out. Books and Videos will tell you nothing and will more likely complicate your lives. Be prepared to be disciplined, honest with yourself, open to advice of elders, and have faith in those that went before.


  1. Bendicion Iya. I hadn’t thought about this topic and you have brought up an excellent discussion. It is so hard for people to understand there is a process, a method, and checks and balances at each step. It is not a free-for-all but the internet is creating new venues for destruction: not of the tradition, but destruction of the seekers. My madrina always says how much misinformation she has to pull out of new godchildren because of what they “learned” on the internet.

    1. Santo! Nice to hear from you Ode Bunmi and thanks for the feedback. It’s good to know it’s useful.

  2. Sandra Rijnhart

    Thank you for this blog, I’m learning a lot!

    1. That is good to know!

      1. Thanks for the feedback!

      2. Hello, how could I contact you personally.

        I am a daughter of Yemaya.

        Many thanks

      3. Hello you can write to me at or I promise I will respond

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