Thought of the Day. Be careful what you wish for.

It is not what you want, but what you need, and what happens to be part of your destiny as you walk this journey. We choose our destiny before we are born into this world. We then forget, and spend our lives trying to work it out. We are lucky on this path, to have the tools of divination which reminds us where we are and how to realign ourselves with our destiny.  Not everyone will have an easy path, and no two people are the same. Be careful not to envy the journey of others. You don’t know where they have been to get to where they are now, and you don’t know what is to come for them. We all have our chosen destinies and  there will be similarities and differences between  people’s individual journeys although no one will be exactly the same. Someone coming to this path as a search to find either power, or material things are going to be disappointed. Your ancestors, and Orisha are not here to satisfy your demands at whim. Be humble to the journey. Be open to advice, and understand how this works, so as to avoid disappointment. The Orisha are mediators, they teach us lessons, and allow us to reflect, grow and evolve. The Orisha work in a subtle way. If you have an Ita, remember to take time to re read it. New things always come up.

Look out for new Blogs on God parenting, Miseducation regarding Bata Drumming and the interrelationship between Ifa and Ocha in Cuba. COMING SOON!!!!

Look out for new pages and contributions COMING SOON!!!!

Look out for a new Podcast! COMING SOON!!!!!



  1. Edna Torres

    very true this comment came exactly when it was needed a remnder

  2. I enjoy reading your posts. They are always insightful, on target, thought provoking and arrive at the most appropriate time. Please keep them coming. Thank you. Bendicion. Maferefun Ochun!

    1. Thankyou so much for your feedback!

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