Listen when your hear the bells ringing!

This blog is appealing to your better judgement. Learn to listen to yourselves.  Listen to the Bells!

Warning signs of unhealthy spiritual relationships. ( which are really the same as any relationship that requires human interaction)

  1. If you feel bullied, unhappy, humiliated or attacked in any way, walk away.  You are under no obligation to stay in abusive relationships.
  2. Do not be blinded by so called mentors who sell themselves as all knowing, all powerful, almost guru like, sometimes offering miracle cures and unrealistic solutions.
  3. Be careful with those who have an over zealous social media profiles. Those that are truly working this religion don’t have time for that!  Everybody on this path, has their own lessons to learn including people who have been initiated and are priests. It is a continual journey of self reflection that never ends. Be wary of judgemental people who do not act from a place of humility.
  4. Be wary of those who say they are priests when they are not. People who are not crowned cannot initiate or prescribe anything Orisha related.  If you want to understand how to find out if someone is crowned and is either a Babalawo or Olorisha there are ways of finding out. If in doubt, message me for more information. If people become defensive, and see your questions as being disrespectful, that is a warning sign. Transparency in this day and age, is important.
  5. Divining via the Dilogun or Ifa takes years to learn. Someone who has just recently gone through initiation will not have the skills to divine. Make sure that whoever you you choose to mentor you, is authorised to do so. EVERYONE who is crowned will belong to a spiritual house and will be able to give you names and lineage details. No one in this community can operate on their own. ANY initiation cannot be done by individuals but by community. Everything has to be witnessed and verified. Nothing happens without community.
  6. Any Olorisha or Babalawo, who is worth their title, will be  using their knowledge to help  you and empower you to help you reach your destiny. They will not be belittling you or making you feel that you cannot operate without them.
  7. Being crowned alone doesn’t give you authority to initiate others. There are processes. We are all guided by elders.
  8. Not everyone needs to be Crowned. Do not let yourself be frightened into doing anything!
  9. Lastly, don’t dismiss those who have your well being at heart, who may not prescribe big works, who may just give you sensible advice. Behaviour modification is the biggest Ebo.  Self knowledge, instinct and awareness is key! Wishing you all luck on this journey. Be confident that your Ori will lead you to where you need to be. Listen!


  1. Natalie

    Brilliant post! I have fallen foul when vulnerable, vultures out here. Thanks for telling it like it is xxx

    1. Thankyou Natalie for the feedback!

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