Education during these unusual times. Part 1: Children

In many places now internationally, the majority of children are at home. Some children are having to attend online classes, others are having work sent to them. All in all, it can be an opportunity to be more adventurous with children’s education. Personally, it has been a time for learning with my granddaughter, in some aspects like growing vegetables, and foraging. There are also Spiritual aspects of my life that I am able now to share with her, such as learning more about our rituals and also beading which I am enjoying teaching,  but there are also amazing online opportunities and resources that I believe all children can access.

KIIRE WELLNESS: My top recommendation is the classes run by Oludare in the form of kiirewellness.   For the last five or six weeks, my granddaughter has been taking part in Oludare’s song and movement classes. Currently expanding the content, she attended a Chekere class online yesterday and today it is drumming! These are tools for us to connect with ourselves and with Orisha, and for children they learn much more that just movement and song, it is a a whole program which builds confidence and self esteem. It builds an understanding of self respect and respecting elders. It builds a really good foundation in understanding the energy of Orisha. I thoroughly recommend these classes for children of all ages. ( and for adults which i will look at in my next educational Blog).  Time differences means that the classes for us in the UK are at 6.30 pm for children, however if you are finding that it is a bit late for your child, you can also rent his classes online. I recommend you let Oludare into your life! His classes are a blessing!

Who is Oludare?


It is difficult to get children to do what they do not enjoy. Education is at it’s best when a child enjoys learning. my granddaughter has not missed one session since she has started. The  classes are pay as you go, pay what you can afford. The rentals are a specific price. Please investigate!


For more information please go to the following pages:

Oludare’s website

Facebook and class scheduling



My second recommendation if you are in the UK is My goddaughter Natalie Cooper’s Etsy Shop. She sells all sorts of goodies here. From African Instruments, to toys, games and t-shirts and her own book all about African Musican Instruments for children. Please visit and purchase online!

Natalie’s Book!

My last recommendation is a a site which has been previously set up to teach children remotely. The nice thing about the site is that you can learn pretty much anything. My granddaughter is taking part in a course which is all about wildcrafting: Herbal Studies.  It is becoming more clear to me that there is an importance in engaging with the earth and becoming more familiar with plants and remedies which are natural and accessible to us. I am really looking forward to learning with her and having a look at what is indigenous to where we live and how it can help us.

Outschool and it’s varied curriculum


Ofcourse there are all the other traditional activities that children can get involved in. learning how to cook is one of them. It seems that with people’s busy lives, where take outs and home deliveries of ready made food, has been common, this is a time to relearn and reconnect. A great time to just slow down, and skill share.

It is a difficult time being locked in 24/7. It will not be the same for everyone. For those working from home, it will be a difficult challenge.  Lack of space and so on will also not be easy, but I hope these ideas will give you all some food for thought. small-kid-cooking-homemade-cake-using-rolling-pin-grandma-kitchen-black-white-photo-small-cute-kid-kitchen-99462486

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