Why Black Lives Matter.

With so much going on in the world over the last couple of months, it has been hard to keep up with what I feel I should be writing about. What I have noticed, however, is that, like many things regarding social media, hashtag culture does not last for ever.  I believe that in my role as Iyalorisha, it is as important to use my platform to educate in all matters of life, in addition to inform those coming to my page regarding all things Orisha. So today I am focusing on  four projects that I feel are worthwhile to look into and support.

  1. ABUELA DOULAS: Over the last couple months I coached my choir  The London Lucumi Choir to produce a beautiful virtual choir offering. A traditional Cuban Lullaby by “Gilberto Valdes called “Oguere” and at the same time, raise consciousness regarding the inequalities surrounding management of childbirth. Statistics show that Black Mothers are five times more likely to die during childbirth than White Mothers.   There are also disparities when looking at infant mortality.    Article BBC.         Candice Braithwaite’s book.                                                 A great initiative in creating support networks where they are needed is found in the organisation called Abuela Doulas  which is the first Black owned founded and created Doula course. Abuela Doulas are raising money to be able to totally subsidise the training of more Black women to become Doulas. So I really urge you to listen to our video read the blurb and donate to Black Lives Abuela.   For details on how to donate press the following link:                                                                                                        OGUEREHere is a link to someone who has already done the training.  Dance Hall Doula!     If you are interested in training please get in contact with Abuela Doulas following the link above.  Also if you are looking for a Midwife, Doula Combo, get in touch here: Birth Love.   Although things are opening up, Childbirth in hospitals is still being hypermanaged and it is unlikely that doulas are able to accompany mothers right now, but this is a good time, to think about being more aware of support that is available and training for the future.   More Art by lauren J Turner who painted this below.    Beautiful Art By Lauren j Turner 96797012_3817334211673949_4777099326553849856_o
  2. CEEKA DA CRAFTER AND HER INSIDE MY ART PROJECT:      I would love to let you know about Ceeka. who is an art therapist and has created an Art Therapy Oracle Deck.  I love the idea of working with art as therapy and have found that my solutions during this very difficult time has been within the creative arts, whether it is beading or embroidery.    Video     Inside My Art Project.   Inside My art Project Shop
  3.  TIME ON OUR HANDS: I meant to post about this wonderful book, months ago, but so many things have happened. Please support this project.  Beautiful work by artists such as Akinola Davis.  All proceeds go to the RCN Foundation Covid-19 Support Fund, which provides practical and psychological support for nurses and frontline health care staff during the crisis.   Time on Our Hands
  4. OLUDARE BERNARD AND KIIRE WELLNESS: Lastly I have to give a big shout out to Oludare Bernard and  his Kiire wellness Organisation, whose workshops and classes online,  breath workshops or Orisha Song and Dance have been so important for us as a family. I highly recommend his work and cannot wait for his new book  Breathing with Orisha Looking at his technique that he has developed called Respiratory Activism, and using Orisha to empower us physically. We appreciate you Oludare!!!


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