Abuse and Bullying in our religion Part 2.

As a result of an Olorisha being open about being abused, an organisation of Orisha practitioners of different lineages and statuses have come together to organise an online zoom meeting in order to talk about how to spot predators. This will be a useful workshop and hopefully will empower people to be equipped. Education and being open about things like abuse within our traditions, is imperative. Prevention is key. Please register before the 30th September.

Here are some scenarios which I hope you will take into account as you are walking your journey.

  1. No one should be hunting for clients, getting into your inbox or trying to sell themselves. Be careful of those offering miracle cures. This is not how this religion works and we are not permitted to be searching for “clients”. We are not evangelical. Our philosophy does not include being saved if we convert people. People that do this, are using the religion for business purposes. Keep well away.
  2. If you are following this path and you believe it may benefit someone you know. Please don’t impose it on them. Allow them to ask you. On the otherside of the coin, don’t allow anyone to pressurise you or to impose this way of life on you.
  3. Do not allow anyone to call you their godchild, unless you have decided you want to formalise a godchild, godparent relationship. The choice is yours not theirs.
  4. Anyone who is not open to you and judges your sexuality, or choice of job is not legitimate. It is not their job to lecture you on your life choices.
  5. Anyone that uses such terminology as “evil” “witch” “devil” needs to decolonise their mindset, these are not terms that belong to us.
  6. Please do not hand over any money to anybody unless you have built up a viable relationship with them. You cannot buy Elekes, Warriors and so on. You must be present at ceremonies where you receive Elekes or Orisha. You receive these things within a community. there are always witnesses.
  7. Please do your research. Following the Lucumi Path is one thing, Following Isese West African Orisha Practise, is another. Being a Candomble practitioner is a different thing. Please educate yourselves.
  8. Do not allow anyone to instil fear. Ruling by fear is not part of our philosophy. There should be no pressure on you to do anything, receive anything. It is your choice.
  9. If anyone uses information about you/against you that is gained through a consultation this is a warning bell. All consultations should be confidential and entirely between you and the diviner.
  10. No one can be guiding anyone unless they are initiated as Babalawo or Olorisha. I know I am repeating myself, but anyone who has not gone through the appropriate ceremonies cannot be guiding, mentoring anyone spiritually or lecturing about the religion. Even if they are following the path. Please check people’s credentials, and don’t feel afraid to ask for their lineage and who they work with. However if you don’t intend on pursuing a spiritual relationship with the person, there is no point in even asking. Please don’t jump into anything the first person you meet online! Buyer Beware. There are people all over the world that are looking towards this path as a way to gain power, status, authority and money. TRUST YOUR GUT!
  11. Online is not real life. I cannot stress this enough. Don’t be fooled by the way someone presents themselves. Also you cannot learn how to do anything Orisha related unless you are being guided within a legitimate context. Videos telling you how to work with Elegua, build an Altar for Oshun, or have a Obatala bath ARE FAKE!!!! STOP FOLLOWING THESE PEOPLE!!!!! You are being duped!

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