I am In Lockdown Part 2.

Here in the UK, we are in the second week of a second lockdown. It doesn’t seem as extreme as the first but, I am taking it pretty seriously since we are the first Country in Europe to reach 50,000 deaths and I currently know a few people with Covid also, so it’s social isolation time for me.

The three last posts concentrated on Bullying and Abuse in our tradition and advice on how to spot predators and avoid them. Simultaneously, I became aware of another Social Media Personality within our traditions who has been outed as an abuser and a fake. I am not going to write about it here, but I would just remind you all to be sensible and safe. Read the previous three posts.

Instead, I am going to remind myself of what I did in the last lockdown to keep myself and others entertained. Please see below the offerings from Osun’s village Miami Part 1 and 2 ( I feature in Part 2) and the third video featured is Ile Oshun kayode, Godchildren and Family. We had such fun doing this, and creative challenges certainly keep you focused!

Don’t Rush/My Tribe Challenge

https://www.facebook.com/osuns.village.miami/videos/924257818017931. PART 1

https://www.facebook.com/osuns.village.miami/videos/2496056300724250 PART 2

Ile Oshun Kayode Representing!

Working with my choir and learning new skills, also took alot of time and focus, and I really enjoyed working on lots of different video projects since March 2020. Please have a look at this link for our lockdown experience!


I also took part in an embroidery project. The idea was to embroider a square describing some aspect of your lockdown experience. The squares are going to be put together as a quilt and will go on exhibition. The project is called “Stitch for Change”

Here is my Square:

Square made for Stitch for Change. thanks to Jimena Pardo.

I was also invited for an interview for Film Director Nosa Igbinedion’s Channel ” The Rise of the Orisha” It gave me an opportunity to address many different subjects that are close to my heart, and is quite informative I believe: Thanks to Nosa for the opportunity: You can find his channel on Instagram where he has interviews with lots of really great people from different lineages.

Rise of the Orisha Interview Part 1 I talk Lucumi History, Nuances, Racism and Colourism amongst other things, Tune in!
Part 2 Orisha Spiritual Practise, Music and Appropriation,

Lastly now it’s your turn to help me with a project to be released on the 4th December. We are re-releasing our remix Shango in Exile.


Here it is and you stream it for free. We want to see you dancing! If you enjoy dancing, show us your best Shango inspired moves, and post on your social media platforms, instagram, twitter, facebook, with the hashtags  #shangoinexile #lucumichoirshango. We will be editing some of the videos for a video to be released 4th December 2020 and the deadline is 30th November!

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