December 2020

End of year Blog.

Presently wearing 16 days of white as I usually do as part of the Oloshas United Peace and Healing initiative. This year, it will be so different. I usually hold an Awan to Babalu Aye for my Godchildren and end of term Christmas party with Mulled wine and merriment for the Choir.

This year, the Awan is appointment only, a well ventilated room, and one person at a time. Wondering what will happen in Cuba during the annual procession to the Rincon.

Black and White photos by Raul Cañibano

Choir continues to rehearse online. Good for those who cannot normally make rehearsals, but difficult all the same. In the UK, we have been yoyoing in and out of lockdown. This year has been exhausting and I am holding on to hope that the new year will bring positivity and new possibilities. I wish you all Joy and Health for the end of the Year and the Year to come.

If you need some inspiration for christmas gifts, this is a shout out to remind you to support local business and those that you know in the community. Even more important this year than ever. Please have a look at the People of the Ile for inspiration. Yolanda is giving vouchers for Reflexology.

Scarlett is selling bespoke art products, Bags, Mugs and prints. Natalie always has interesting gifts in her Etsy shop and Sonia is already very busy creating gifts for the Christmas period: Please have a look at their updated profiles:


Catch Liz Gre Performing 11- December 2020 8.00 pm and for a whole month afterwards.

and make sure to visit Mackayla’s new Website.

Spotify is not the place! If you want to support musicians, buy Music from sources that support musicians: for example Bandcamp. Check out: Also has some great merchandise, for sale on the page.

I got together with Leo Durrant this year to celebrate Shango by editing this video as a Homage to Shango in all his forms, both cultural and spiritual in some of his manifestations, Isese, Candomble, and Lucumi. Enjoy!!!

See you all in 2021!

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