Sign the Petition – Religious Freedom Now!

Originally posted on Candomblé in the USA:
The last two weeks have seen an unusual surge in violence against terreiros in Rio de Janeiro. Drug dealers, who are being paid by Evangelical pastors, are breaking into religious temples, threatening baba and iyalorishas, and forcing them (sometimes at gunpoint) to destroy the sacred images of their ile. ? The global Orisha community is outraged. While it’s difficult to make a true impact from abroad, there are things we can do to show solidarity with our Brazilian brothers and sisters in the struggle. A petition was started by the The National Council…

Health above all

Today in the UK we are voting for new government.  I believe passionately in the human right to have access to health facilities no matter what your earning power. Without good health what do we have? We ask Orisha above all for good health for ourselves and our loved ones. Many times in consultations we are directed to go and see a Doctor for our health. We are asked to go and check up various things depending on the Odu. What happens when you cannot afford to go to the Doctors and do this? Healthcare should not be a lottery….

Make Over

Every now and again, I feel the need to change the lay out of my Blog. I quite liked the previous lay out although there were so many posts and images, I decided to look at the Blog from a different perspective. Feel free to feedback, but meanwhile enjoy the posts and articles. I have a lot to say for 2016. Circumstances are forever changing and there seems to be more and more people interested in this path, yet less and less people really finding time to understand that it is a life style choice and a surrender of ego and acceptance…