London Lucumi Choir

I have been a bit quiet of late since I have been updating a new blog/ website for the Choir that I run and direct. The London Lucumi Choir’s new website/blog has up to date information about our history, performances, membership and also a blog looking at the challenges of running such an unusual choir. Follow us:   Photo Credit: Angela Dennis


“ I am annoyed as other people are at the misrepresentation of African Traditional Religions. I think it speaks to the world rebranding what we stand for and who we are as a people” …. “ It is my goal to…. provide something different that is informed by the actual people” (who practice the religion). “The journey of the film has been crazy” Nosa explains. “Some people involved in the film dropped out because they were worried about being stigmatised. These people are Nigerians themselves” ….. “I am trying to connect with people so please get in contact. The short is coming out in May but the feature film will be layered and deep and I welcome all of your input”

Orisha Art and symbol. Thrones.

  There are so many ways that an Artist walking this path can use their skills. The building of thrones for the Orisha, and making of ceremonial dress  is so much part of our culture. In addition there are Pañuelos to dress our Orisha on special occasions and Banderas to hang in our houses amongst other things.My second Ocha birthday was the first time I was challenged to build a throne for my Orisha. There are rules on how to build a throne correctly, and with those in mind, it was an exciting challenge to buy fabrics and learn how…

Making Elekes

When I was young, the idea that I would be able to sit down for long periods of time and create something quite beautiful would have never entered my mind. I lacked focus and concentration and was not very good at sitting still.  When I became an Iyawo (Iyawo signifies “Bride of the Orisha” and it is  the year that follows an Initiation as a Priest in the Lucumi tradition), the strict taboos bestowed on me inspired me to find things to fill my time and I was keen to find things Orisha inspired. Beading and making Elekes and Ides…