Ile Oshun Kayode

On this page I will be introducing you to all the wonderful people that I am guiding or that are family members and their services. Over the next few weeks, they will be all uplo ading a page under the umbrella Ile Oshun Kayode. As an Olorisha, I see my primary motivation as using my Ashe to encourage and enable those I guide to develop their full potential in any way I can. I will be adding individuals on a regular basis. I encourage you to investigate and support these amazing individuals, all connected via Oshun

Yolanda Perez-Rosselson

Crowned to Yemaya, daughter of two waters. Reflexologist,

Yolanda is an experienced Reflexologist who has a clinic in North London but can also come to you. Look out for more information. She also loves to cook!

Marvin Roberts

OYA WALE. Crowned to Oya. Refurbishments.

Marvin is an entrepreneur with a difference. He is passionate about helping his community and empowering his family. Get in contact for any project you have in mind, big or small. “Dream, Design, Build”

Natalie Cooper

Artist, Educator, Omo Oshun

Natalie wears many hats! She is a fabulous artist. She is happiest when using art to educate and loves working with children. She is an editor of her own books on African Musical Instruments. She has her own Etsy Shop also with African Products. She also makes spirit dolls.

Ile Oshun Kayode

Anne-Marie Perks

Illustrator, Artist, Lecturer. Omo Obatala

Anne-Marie is an experienced illustrator and Lecturer and a Multi Media Artist. Check out her portfolio and watch this space for some of her work and muses.

Grace Gottardello

Astrologist, Activist.

Amazing Grace, has a brilliant Podcast which uses Astrology in a very practical way, helping you have extra tools to navigate your journey. She is also an activist on various platforms. Look out for her page. It is going to be exciting.

Scarlett Crawford

Multi-Media Artist. Passionate about UK Urban music

Scarlett has just launched her patreon site featuring amazing prints, sketches and other amazing work. She uses spirituality as a basis for her art which truly represents a different dimension. Support her and become a Patreon and for all Drill Muses

Mackayla Forde

AKA Red Medusa: Poet, Artist, Health Care Research

Mackayla Forde/ Red Medusa is a talented poet who is also embarking on a mission to research about Black Women’s Access to Health in the UK. She has been accepted to do her PhD so please support this incredibly important work. And look out for her page on this site for some powerful poetry and important updates

OLA Skopowska

AKA Love, life, Powers Holistic Life Coach Healer and Tantric Yoga teacher.

OLA is trained in a multitude of disciplines including being a holistic life coach and healer. She is also a Tantra Yoga Teacher using in her practise quantum energy, bodywork, breathwork, nutrition, meditation and spiritual and ancestral reverance to support her clients in their full embodiment and alignment with their Soul path. Here is her new website.

Liz Gre

Gre…… like the space between yes and no, midnight and sunrise and black and white. Vocalist and New Music Composer

Liz is an amazing vocalist and composer, a storyteller with a powerful and beautiful voice. She is also studying for a PhD at the City University of london. Can’t wait to hear more. Find out more about Liz

Sonia Kounasso

AKA Afro-Vintage Aka Sonia Sonayon Beauty and Care

Sonia is another multi-facted member of the Ile Oshun Kayode. She makes EVERYTHING! Jewellery, Bags, Soap, Creams and Beauty Produce, Candles, Mandala Clocks, Soap Dishes, and she can sing! I have featured her several times on this Blog, and I believe in investing in us. So if you have a gift to buy check out the links below, and please look out for her page on this blog.