REVIEW: On the Orishas’ Roads and Pathways: Oshún Deity of Femininity 
By Obá Miguel W. Ramos, Ilarí Obá

    I was so excited when I heard about this book. Any information and insight into the Orisha that I am crowned with is most welcome. What was also exciting is that Miguel W.Ramos is not only a Scholar and a Writer but also an experienced and respected Obá in our religion. This is one occasion where the ability to write combines with the experience of an initiate and that is a rare and wonderful thing. The book did not disappoint. From the introduction documenting his own personal experience, to the historical background, to understanding more about the paths…

London Lucumi Choir

I have been a bit quiet of late since I have been updating a new blog/ website for the Choir that I run and direct. The London Lucumi Choir’s new website/blog has up to date information about our history, performances, membership and also a blog looking at the challenges of running such an unusual choir. Follow us:   Photo Credit: Angela Dennis