London Lucumi Choir

I have been a bit quiet of late since I have been updating a new blog/ website for the Choir that I run and direct. The London Lucumi Choir’s new website/blog has up to date information about our history, performances, membership and also a blog looking at the challenges of running such an unusual choir. Follow us:   Photo Credit: Angela Dennis


“ I am annoyed as other people are at the misrepresentation of African Traditional Religions. I think it speaks to the world rebranding what we stand for and who we are as a people” …. “ It is my goal to…. provide something different that is informed by the actual people” (who practice the religion). “The journey of the film has been crazy” Nosa explains. “Some people involved in the film dropped out because they were worried about being stigmatised. These people are Nigerians themselves” ….. “I am trying to connect with people so please get in contact. The short is coming out in May but the feature film will be layered and deep and I welcome all of your input”

Ten Things: Exploding the myths!

I wrote this piece a while ago for an online magazine. It was in response to a request for some basic information regarding this terribly misunderstood way of life. In addition I think that in this day and age where there is a lot of information on the net, it does not hurt to add my perspective. If you are thinking of following this path, I would say that it is really important to educate yourself. Understand that this is a communal religion based on lineage and bare this in mind when you are on your journey. Because of the…