Young Lovers

By Natalie Cooper

Young Lovers’ excitement to know someone else better than they know themselves

To earnestly step out of our own heads and give willingly

They build a bridge to each other

each plank an honest attempt to love

“This is the best feeling in the world”

glowing ecstacy projects one thousand fold

burning our shadows to cinders

we knew not the sheer power of love

Young Lovers meet through the fog and behold each other anew

as alike as they will ever be, as different to all they had previously known

the fog thickens, the padlock binds the pact

The sun melts the fog, its amber glow,

the sun sets, the Lovers leave together,

“Same time tomorrow, just after sunrise?”

“Always and forever”

Young Lovers on the bridge

knowing not the sheer power of love,

existing anew in the mist.

as unalike, as different as they could ever imagine

to each other, to everyone they had known.

Nothing else exists; until Something else exists.

there’s safety on this bridge, it’s ours

“Same time tomorrow, just after sunrise”


Nothing else exists until Something else exists

Young Lover half way across the bridge

Transformed. Strange. Foreign.

Looking at thick fog over the water

Are these really gifts if they’re the ghost of our memories?

Sentiments half remembered, phrases unfinished

Silent padlock bears witness to foreboding shadows

Weary planks no longer safe for walking

Young Lover waits and waits

Looking for the end of the bridge

and waiting for the sun to return

not knowing they were both always there

because what is, is always and forever

Fog obscures but cannot erase

March 2021

When we were together, my former partner asked why I never wrote about him. Eight years later, the duration of our relationship, this came to me like a waking dream.

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Original post from Natalie’s Artwork Blog ‘It Begins With X’

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  1. Thankyou Natalie, it’s a beautiful poem much needed in these lockdown times.

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