Save the Osun River.

Three months ago, I was alarmed as I came across this video on YouTube, which explained about illegal mining and the rising levels of toxicity in the Osun River.

I shared and posted and it’s probably my ineptitude regarding negotiating social media and my low profile, and inability to understand those damn algorithms, but I was surprised that nobody shared or responded. Since then, a media campaign and petition has been set up by and and thankfully has raised consciousness and concern relating to the mining and effect on the health of the Osun River. For Oshun devotees all over the world, this should be cause for concern. This is the source of our worship and as intiates, and followers of this way of life, should this not be a priority? As I watch influences making their name by selling “spells and potions” in the name of Oshun, I despair once again, that many so called devotees of this way of life, are not gatekeeping the natural world and I implore anyone reading this to at least sign and share this petition and be more conscious of the effects of mining and fracking and the dumping of sewage all over the world in rivers all over the world.

This petition addresses UNESCO because the Osun River is deemed to be of great importance internationally. Thousands make the pilgrimage to the the Shrine at the time of the Osun Festival from Brazil, USA, and other countries which hosts Orisha devotees, aside from local devotees, but so far there has been little action Please read here also.

Here is the Petition:

The petition has finally raised awareness and the local government has vowed to do something about this terrible issue.

The Osun River is not alone in being contaminated. All over the world, rivers are being poisoned and contaminated, and in the USA, Mexico and Colombia where there are high rates of assassinations of activists, Indigenous people and activities together draw attention to the plight of the world’s rivers.

In the UK, only the other day, the River Thames was subject to an oil spill in the middle of Richmond Park, and since our exit of the European Union, which means that the water companies are no longer subjected to Europe’s laws, the dumping of sewage in our rivers has been at an overall high. Tons of sewage on a daily basis are pumped into our rivers, and they are not fit for us to swim in.

Contamination of our rivers can not only make us ill but destroys our ecosystems, by destroying local wildlife. Please be aware of local issues. If you are following the path of Orisha, it is also important to be aware of how our modern way of living is destroying our environment. Be connected to the land where you live but also, be aware of what is happening to the Osun River. Sign the petition and raise awareness.

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